"Baby I’ll try,
Someday, I will be happiness to you"


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unicornprincen: Who are some of your fav khh rappers?

Ugh, this is a hard question. I’m all in for Simon D, no doubt, and I respect Tiger JK, Tasha, Dynamic Duo, Vasco, The Q, Verbal Jint, Dumbfoundead/Parker too. I loved hi-lite before but I haven’t listened to their music lately.

Tbh with you I’m mostly listening to American hip hop nowadays so I’m not as updated when it comes to the new rappers. I know some but I guess there are a lot of new ones coming up rn that I haven’t listened to yet.
You’re free to give me recommendations anytime👌
Thanks for the question ;)

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Beenzino - Dali, Van, Picasso

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a stressed out junhwe ;_;